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You have received the new catalog with all the information you need regarding the Drum and Showband event and also percussion in general.

We will try to inform you as optimally as possible. We have put the Drumband works together as much as possible in the various instrumentation types, so that you can find the titles immediately with the instrumentation you are using. There is successively;
(a) Section, (b*) instrumentation, (c) composer's title - NIB* (yes) - not (-) - Divisional arrangement and stationary (S) or marching (M).


Section classification

According to classification, regarding the marching and concert competitions and then the classification for soloists and ensembles.

Catalogus 1

Section A-a: Drum Corps
Section A-b: Marching Percussion Ensemble’s
Section A-c: Lyra Corps
Section A-d: Mallet Ensemble’s

Catalogus 2

Section B-a: Drum corps with signal instruments in B-flat
Section B-b: Drum corps with signal instruments in E flat
Section B-c: Drum corps with signal instruments in E-flat (with hunting horns)

Section C-a: Drum corps with signal instruments in E-flat/D-flat
Section C-d: Drum corps with signal instruments in G/D

Section D: Drum Fanfare

Section E-a and E-b: Pipe corps/Piccolo corps

Section F: Harmonie-, Fanfarekorpsen en Brassbands Nadere toelichting, specificatie op de Sektie-indeling is opgenomen in de reglementen voor marswedstrijden.
Level/Difficulty: Youth - 3rd - 2nd - 1st - excel - premier league

For the Netherlands we represent

Hunziker (Switzerland) compositions by A. Haefeli Berger Verlag Basel Switzerland (also Belgium and Luxembourg) Maurer Brussels Belgium (percussion music only)

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